Children’s Talk ‧ Storytelling Contest

🏆 Children’s Talk‧Storytelling Contest” Winner 



The “Children’s Talk‧Storytelling Contest” in our school has been concluded successfully, thanks for participating. Congratulations to the winning families and the winner’s video as follows:




🏆【The champion】– 楊熙嵐 (K1A)


🏆【1st runner-up】– 陳芯怡 (K1B)



🏆【2nd runner-up– 鄧朗希 (K1A)




🏆【The champion】– 鄧遠航 (K2A)



🏆【1st runner-up】– 施嘉傑 (K2B)



🏆【2nd runner-up– 陽景安 (K2A)




🏆【The champion】– 嚴淳鋒 (K3A)



🏆【1st runner-up】– 黃烐 K3A)



🏆【2nd runner-up– 黃逸昊 (K3B)